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Through The Roof [Mar. 20th, 2014|06:05 am]
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( You are about to view content that may only be appropriate for adults. )
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Note to Monica [Jan. 15th, 2014|07:03 am]
I realize you dislike the fact that I get SSI but do not use Cognitive methods to do anything about it. However, just as it is unfair of John and Robin to hold against you your not living up to their standards, it is equally unfair of you to hold my living up to yours against me. But have you ever asked what I do with that money? In the past few years, I have looked around looking for things we are running short of, be it paper plates, paper towels, kleenex, toilet paper, dish soap, dishwasher packs, bread mustard, milk (once I learned Marc's carries organic and it is not that far a walk. And once, when Ron was in the hospital, both dog food and cat food. All of this without asking for or even expecting once cent in reimbursement. Moreover it is very convenient for you that despite the fact that I have made some impressive (at least to me) walks in the past year, but as you hate having to walk, all these are meaningless to you. As I said, John and Robin are unfair to expect you to live up to their standards, and it is unfair of you to expect me to live up to yours. I use a good part of my SSI check for the good of the household. You seem to use all your money on yourself, and my generosity seems to only be greeted with contempt from you.
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Maybe, Maybe Not [Nov. 22nd, 2013|05:00 pm]
[mood |bit sad]

Apparently, Monica was planning to move, but Ron objected. Of course, a good part of his reasoning was probably that he did not want to go through last year all over. Her moving to IL hurt him badly. From day one, he was hoping she would return, as shown by him leaving her room as she left it, and driving halfway there to pick her up. Given how her lack of financial discipline sours people to her, how can Ron expect any other outcome farm last year?

But Ron is too ambitious in his hopes for her. Expecting her to get and hold job a decent-enough paying job for her to get the dental work she needs. It may mean missing an episode or two of Hannibal, for god sake. She's also complaining again about the restrictions Ron is placing on her cat. The cat I never wanted here and now that my office door has been taken down (so I can get warm air in the room) I do not want her cat allowed on the first floor again.

All I really want her to learn from me is that the world is not what her family has taught her. It is not about gaining one up-manship or "the goods" on others. That cooperation is not simply to get advantage over others. To show her that there is good in the majority of people, and that human nature, out of nothing more than evolutionary necessity, is good, and living to avoid humanity is harmful in the long run.

I also need more words on the TV show "Hannibal", as her obsession with the show has caused it to drop a few points in my estimate. First, it is a well written, well produced show, but it is just a TV show, produced to the flavor of the month TV standards, and subject to the standard American network cliches. Is a romance for Hannibal upcoming? I doubt it as I don't see it benefitting any plot line. Would a romance go against the canon established in the Thomas Harris novels? Possibly canonical matters are tricky, and I don't feel in the fandom's authority to second guess the author . But are humans capable of being so completely evil as to be immune to love? Perhaps a few extreme cases like Hitler and Manson. But that still raises the question what if Alois Hitler not been an abusive brute, or Manson had a happier childhood. But pure evil, without childhood trauma, I don't think so.
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What were you doing the day.....(or, it was fifty years ago today) [Nov. 21st, 2013|02:36 pm]
[mood |Old]
[music |Probably something I was yelled at for being inappropriate]

My brother and I had to stay home from school that day. My grandmother was having surgery to remove kidney stones. Such procedures were something of a big thing back then, requiring weeks of bed-care (at least my mom thought it did, but my grandmother apparently got tired such attention by the end of the weekend.)

My parents were marginally Kennedy supporters, though my dad would have preferred Henry Cabot Lodge getting the Republican nomination in '60. He'd changed jobs recently, from a shop making brass plumbing fixtures, where he developed an allergy to the brash shavings flying off the grinders, to a union shop who would not tolerate such safety infractions. My mom probably voted for Kennedy for looks, accent, and glamor.

It often seems the conspiracy theories regarding Kennedy's death started popping up before the man was even dead. But IMO, either Oswald was the lone gunman, or he was helped by Colonel Mustard in the Conservatory with the candlestick.

That evening we were all glued to the TV, a large floor model black and white thing, with all three of the channels anyone would ever need. Unfamiliarity with certain names left me a bit befuddled, and I thought Kennedy had been succeeded by a woman, Lynda Johnson. It took a while for the networks to have a picture of the new President.

Next day, Granny's home, apparently no worse for the wear. Everyone was talking about the President, but either there were very outlandish theories or nobody knew what to say (and keeping quiet is not a strong American trait). Of course, the Kennedy saga is one that has not fully ended, beginning during WWI with one Ambassador Kennedy, and a new Ambassador Kennedy just appointed, with poor Lynda Johnson never getting her chance to shine.
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Maybe I'm Incorrect. [Nov. 20th, 2013|04:38 pm]
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[music |"So Long" by Firefall]

Yesterday, Monica told me about a conversation she recently had with her dad, leaving my wonder if I got her potential departure wrong. Is it possible she still checks to see if I've blogged? Amazingly, that would leave here the only one. Oh well, it's been a year since her and I had any arguments, and most of the time we are getting along well. She probably figured her strategy of doing a crappy job driving; being too hard on the gas, brake, and steering wheel have had the desired effect.

The other areas of disagreement, Cleveland, Ohio, the Great Lakes region, America, Ellen Page, and Zooey Deshannel, are probably pointless to argue over. And besides, we actually agree on more issues than we disagree on.

I may have accidentally on purpose insulted a friend last night. Basically, it's a difference between the way men think and the way women think. For me, if someone hurts me, being able to joke about it is my way of letting things be bygones. I was aware she had something of a personal tragedy--moreso than I had thought, given the past things she had said about the deceased.

The older I get, the more "masculine" I feel.
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Three Years Today [Nov. 19th, 2013|05:12 pm]
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[mood |nostalgicnostalgic]
[music |Imaginary Journey--Blackmore's Night (same as I listened to while moving here)]

It was on November 19th 2010 I moved from the house I'd lived in since 1959 to a house about 20 miles west of the old house, to a much nicer neighborhood. There have been some ups and downs, but I cannot honestly say I see what Ron does in Monica. Perhaps she was the first woman he met he could be open sexually with (seriously, if that's it, he needs to be on the internet more--even now, with my internet usage less than in 2010 there are still a number of women who would fit that category; Daisy, Alberta Jen, and one, who out of respect for her privacy, I usually refer to as "L" (altho to be honest, we haven't discussed sexual matters in a long while...perhaps better that way?)) I do miss IRC, but have no hint anything is even going on there.

Last winter was quite terrible, with the weather not changing until May. But May saw spring and the first of two returns by my cousin. Memorial Day was nice, and Independence Day fantastic--this is a neighborhood who enjoys fireworks (unlike a lot of uppity suburbs). The walk halfway across the bridge was wonderful, and I hope to cross it all next spring. Also during the summer, I had 3 ebooks published on Amazon.com, I need to get more but with cold weather comes lethargy. Buying a Keurig coffeemaker last winter has helped.

But with the summer, this is the first time I can say I enjoy living here. As Monica still refuses to be a part of the household, it would be better she leave--although she hasn't mentioned it to me (she used to read my LJ, not sure about now). I have learned Becky is in Missouri, living with relatives who drink as much as she does. Cousin has lived in Colorado so long return trips are a surprise to him, seeing how backwards Ohio laws are on cannabis. Oh well, now to start Christmas shopping.
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Apparently Goodbye (again) [Nov. 16th, 2013|04:55 pm]
[mood |okayokay]

Last week I heard Ron and Monica having a very nasty argument. Monica used a very unfair tactic and Ron responded in a very nasty way but perhaps the only way he could. Apparently this caused her to talk to online friends about other dwellings, and apparently there was an agreeable response.

Three years ago, Ron and I had a serious argument about her moving in with us. "Give her a chance," he insisted. "You'll see what I see in her." Okay, she can be very personable when trying to make a good impression. In fact most of the time her and I get along quite well. But he went on to insist, "she is nothing like Becky." That he got very wrong for she is very much like Becky.

Becky has a problem with alcohol, Monica has a problem with time-wasting activities she sees as vital to her existence. This would be acceptable if she were able to keep her life in balance; okay waste as much time as you want with your fan blogs, your fan fiction, your fan art, obsessing with an actor you probably will never meet and probably would not like you if you did (Scandinavians have a very keep sense of propriety and would probably see her as something of a lout.), but do the work you agreed to do.

Both Becky and Monica probably do suffer from depression. Sitting alone listening to depressing music, never realizing the importance of interaction with people. Both pretty much hate other people, as well as Cleveland, Ohio, the United States, blind and deaf to the fact the the majority of people sharing their dwelling are very fond of all three. Also, this past summer, I realized a previously unseen bit of sociability in myself. But friends in Australia and Canada insist they're living in paradise, and they both believe it.

Of course she's be happiest living in a house where no social interaction is expected of her. Oddly I always loved having renters exactly for the social interaction, something neither Monica nor Becky provided with any sense of family. True, their childhoods sucked, but how many times can you go to that well before it gets old? But I hate change, so as sad as this is now, if the new place does not work out, will Ron bend again? Probably. I also do not know her plans with the cat, but I hope she takes it with her. It does not take long to become used to doing all the things I could not with her here. Doing laundry more often, playing CDs at a fairly loud volume. I might wish Ron would find someone else to move in. I can think of several friends of his (or mine) who would work well. But he'll probably keep her room as is, for a fair amount of time. He'll probably make some demands and she'll half-heartedly agree to them.

I would be ok with her not working, not paying that much rent, but I'd also want her to participate as a member of this household, and I can't see her doing that.
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Self Promotion [Aug. 19th, 2013|02:20 pm]
[mood |calmcalm]

Over the past month I've published 2 ebooks on Amazon.com. Consisting (mostly) on works previously published by pikerpress.com

The first, Moonlit Nights and Overcast Days http://www.amazon.com/Moonlit-Nights-Overcast-Days-ebook/dp/B00E9AG06A/ref=sr_1_2?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1376935549&sr=1-2 was mostly stories written in 2006-2007, with one story "To the Ultimate reaches" being written in 1988.

Pilgrimage and Protest http://www.amazon.com/Pilgrimage-and-Protest-ebook/dp/B00EKSC4BQ/ref=pd_rhf_dp_p_t_1_ASFD was mostly written in 2008

The next volume (probably out around the first of the month) Will probably cover 2009, possibly a little of 2010. Then I see probably one more collection of stories, an anthology of my poetry (most post 2006) and one novella very few (1?) have ever read.

I've set my price point at $5 a pop. I realize many Amazon self-published works are being sold for less. But I figure these works, most having been professionally edited, are of better quality than much self-published material. I will probably publish a few works with less revisions sometime in the future--particularly the NaNo novels (some of them are very much like the books you see in discount bins.)
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Getting to Know the Place Even Better [Aug. 13th, 2013|02:57 pm]
[mood |amused/confused]

Four times a year, a local magazine winds up in the mailbox, filled with upcoming events, a little local history, and ads for nearby businesses. There were a couple that caught my eye, and have since visited both.

Every Sunday there is a "Farmer's Market" at a city-owned parking lot about five minutes walk from where I live. There was some produce, but most of the booths were more of the "hobbyist" variety; canned preserves, salsas, homemade toiletries, and the like.

The second place is a middle eastern restaurant. Having a weakness for shawarma, I decided to check it out. They have a nice menu of Levantine "fast food", and I do plan on checking it out further.

Monica is continuing to drive me places, but between her lead foot and love of tight turns, it has not been the most comfortable of experiences. But I did make it to the liquor store yesterday (a bit out of my range walking) and was pleased that they, with a $1 surcharge, now accept credit cards.

As for places I have not been, I seem to have dreamed about an earlier dream I had years ago. In it, I was in a church sacristy, apparently about to get married, talking the whole thing over with the priest. I'm not sure if he was being encouraging or telling me (with thick Irish accent) "Don't do it, lad! Yer thowin' yer life away!" I don't think I was ever in that situation. And while I know I haven't, I can't say I'm 100% sure of it.
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Like a bolt of thunder? [Jul. 8th, 2013|12:46 pm]
[mood |optimisticoptimistic]

I have two computers (a Mac Mini--used for writing and music, and a PC running Windows XP--used for games). I also have two monitors, a 24" used on the mac, and a 19", used on the PC. About a month ago it occurred to me that the best games visually (despite being "obsolescent") were on the XP machine so that computer should have the 24" (Yes, I do remember it was not that long ago that 17" was considered huge).

Anyway, getting the PC to work with the 24" was no problem--VGA output to VGA input. However, the Mac has an HDMI output and the 19" does not have a HDMI input. A little knowledge can be a dangerous thing and I have spent most of the past month getting the wrong adaptors. Often having to use the iPad for thing like Yahoo Messenger and Google Chat, where the little bluetooth keyboard is more than a bit cramped.

My mistake, it turns out, was focusing on the graphics type and not the computer. It seems current Macs use a kinda super-USB port called "Thunderbolt". So what I needed was not a HDMI to VGA adaptor (which only produces a blank screen) but a Thunderbolt to VGA adaptor (which was quickly set up and allowing me to see what I'm typing).

So one month and three adaptors later, both computers are up and running. I did get a new stand for the PC, the old typewriter table which has often doubled as a computer stand, has been moved to the basement, to soon return to its original purpose. More about that in the weeks to come.
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